Thursday, May 05, 2005

A few days with Tiger

After I reinstalled Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger clean a few days ago, my first impression is it's really a major improvement over any previous release of Mac OS X. I thought the gap between 10.2.x Jaguar and 10.3.x Panther was big. Tiger simply made that gap look like only a small step.

However, it's definitely not without problems.

While 10.3 was a major improvement over 10.2 in term of stability, IMO, Tiger is quite unstable compared to initial 10.3.0 release. The rumor that there were still some outstanding issues in the gold-master build of Tiger seems to have some, if not being entirely, truth.

Also, I don't know if it's the problem with my faculty/department router or not, but now I cannot login/access the iChatAV. I could use it a while when I was using Panther and when I installed Tiger as upgrade (installed over Panther). But now with clean-reinstallation, I can't use it anymore. Maybe I have to ask the admin later.

Crashing is another problem. Apps crash here and there, more often than I expected them to.

10.4.1 is on the way? Better be soon ....