Friday, May 06, 2005


visiting this blog today .. and found that safari loaded it correctly. so, now i'm testing it again.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bye .. Blogspot

After series of fustration with reloading problem with Safari web browser (it doesn't load/display the latest additions, both RSS-feed and normal website), while Firefox does it finely ... I decided it's might be a time to move on.

My new weblogs are relocated to:

Both will be in mixture of Thai and English, depending on my mood of writing which article/content in which. I don't really have time to do the full translation of my contents anymore.

I will keep checking my blogspot blogs and update occassionally on the new Safari release to see if the new bugfixed, updated, enhances, whatever, will fix anything or at least make it better or not.

Update your bookmark.

A few days with Tiger

After I reinstalled Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger clean a few days ago, my first impression is it's really a major improvement over any previous release of Mac OS X. I thought the gap between 10.2.x Jaguar and 10.3.x Panther was big. Tiger simply made that gap look like only a small step.

However, it's definitely not without problems.

While 10.3 was a major improvement over 10.2 in term of stability, IMO, Tiger is quite unstable compared to initial 10.3.0 release. The rumor that there were still some outstanding issues in the gold-master build of Tiger seems to have some, if not being entirely, truth.

Also, I don't know if it's the problem with my faculty/department router or not, but now I cannot login/access the iChatAV. I could use it a while when I was using Panther and when I installed Tiger as upgrade (installed over Panther). But now with clean-reinstallation, I can't use it anymore. Maybe I have to ask the admin later.

Crashing is another problem. Apps crash here and there, more often than I expected them to.

10.4.1 is on the way? Better be soon ....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm Back!

After my last blog ages ago, before I come back to Thailand ... now I'm back after such a long period.

The major reason was that most of the time I couldn't find good enough internet connection. And when I do so, I will mostly occupied with some other things that have to be done first at those particular moments. So, all my weblogs were left un-updated for almost a month.

Now I'm back, welcome to the real world!