Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tiger & Paris: Two major news from Apple

These are what most Mac users (and many PC users who are thinking of switching) had been waiting for.

The first is the new generation of Mac OS X, codenamed Tiger had been officially annouced the release date, April 29th (Friday).

More on Tiger later. asked me to write a brief article about it. I also wrote the Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Preview for MacDD when it was newly annouced in last year's WWDC. So, more on it later.

Another is the annoucement for the date of Apple Expo 2005, Paris. Expo at Paris is often the place where the biggest annoucements of the year is being made, as it is the closest official expo (excluding all the special events) to christmas and 4th quarter, when Apple could sell things the most. The date is: September 20-24.

About Paris ... yeah .. I don't know what cool (?) new hardware Apple will annouce this year, after seeing the iMac G5 in last year's expo.