Sunday, March 20, 2005

"Super shuffle" ... another time when they get it wrong

Recently, a large portion of portable music player market went crazy when LUXPRO introduced a new MP3 player called Super shuffle which is basically an iPod shuffle RIP-OFF (and it's LAME).

Putting the two side by side, we see that the super shuffle is really a rip-off from iPod shuffle:

The advertisement is also a mere rip-off from the well-known iPod campaign:

So, with almost exactly the same look, more functionalities, does this super shuffle superior to the iPod shuffle and will take away the iPod market?

Not exactly .... because it's not about hardware, it's about user experience which largely due to software.

I doubt that super shuffle will have anything like the iPod-iTunes interplay, which creates a pretty smooth experience with as little interaction as possible. You plug the iPod shuffle into your computer, click a button, you're on the go. Apple's software does the rest for you behind the scene.

I have a certain level of confident that you will be using the super shuffle by manually selecting songs, dragging and dropping, fustration, etc; like a lot of portable music players before it.