Saturday, March 12, 2005

Microsoft to kill MSN for Mac

From MSN for Mac OS X Official Website (

After May 31, 2005, customers will no longer access MSN service by using the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software. Instead of accessing MSN services using the MSN for Mac OS X internet software, customers will access MSN services and features with their preferred browser and by setting up a My MSN page as a portal to their favorite online destinations.

If you are a current MSN subscriber and you use MSN for Mac Internet Software, you will maintain your current e-mail address and still have access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar, and most other MSN services through MSN Hotmail and your My MSN page. To create, customize or view your current My MSN page, go to

Don't confuse MSN service with MSN Messenger for Mac. MSN is an internet service, which you have to subscribe to use, while MSN Messenger is a free (as in free beer) instant messenger software, which some often called shortly just MSN.

MSN service is following IE route on the Mac platform. Seriously, I don't know how many Mac users are also MSN subscribers, but I think there aren't many. After all, to most people Mac and Microsoft are something that don't belong together (they use MS Office anyway, but that's another story, as Office is pretty standard software required by many. Also, MS Office on Mac is quite a good software, even compared to Windows version. This is quite an opposite case to many MS software/service on the Mac).

For MSN Messenger and Office, the Mac BU at Microsoft still planned to release the next version, 5.0 and Service Pack 2, respectively.