Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Is Apple the "New Microsoft"?

Forbes's article: Is Apple the New Microsoft had brought a lot of hot and interesting discussions. Most noticably, interesting and informative, as well as insightful ones are

I recommend skimming/reading both threads.

I won't going to discuss the thing discussed in Forbes article, though. I will, however, discuss here the more fundamental question ... is Apple, behaviorally, actually better than Microsoft in anyway?

I have to tell you first that I am a Mac user and I like lots of Apple products, hardware and software alike. They make really cool hardware and easy to use software. The user experience I got from their product is superb.

However, here is not a discussion about how cooler Apple products are compared to Microsoft's. It's the discussion of behavior alone. So, put all your bias about the coolness of Apple aside.

Even before starting my discussion, I will say that I will disappoint all of you right here, right now. I'm happier that Microsoft is ruling the world, not Apple. I am on Microsoft's side of the coin this time.

Apple are not a bunch of nice guys making things for the sake of the world, or doing the world a favour in any sense. They are basically the same as Microsoft; a company that doing business and care for its profit. Jobs might be differ from Gates and Ballmer in the how to do the business, though.

Most people have bad images about Microsoft. This happened because many of us keep talking about Microsoft in a very bad way and projecting Bill Gates as a very bad guy. I like Gates personally, though.

I won't go into the details here; OSNews and Slashdot threads have them all of the why Apple actually has more of dictatorship than Microsoft. If you don't have time to read both; go for OSNews.

Had Apple won the 1984 war, the face of the world will be entirely different today, of course. We will have NO, let me repeat, NO variety of choices between computers even the software.

Don't get me wrong; I love my PowerBook (and is now waiting for my new PowerBook 17"). I love my iPods. Apple makes great products and really satisfying customers, like me. However, that doesn't make Apple a nice guy who can never do a bad thing. Apple is not a savior of this world from Microsoft. They are Microsoft in their own world. Maybe even worst (again, go read /. or OSNews to find out more).