Thursday, March 03, 2005

In Which OS Do You Feel More Productive?

From Slashdot thread with the same name.

HTMLChecker asks: "I found an article in which the author talks about how she is more productive using Mac OS X. What about the people of Slashdot? Where do you feel more productive, in Linux? Windows? DOS? Mac OS X? Also, what is the best way to rate productivity in an OS?"

The linked article had also became OSNews thread article: From Gui-Hater to OS X.

While I'm too lazy (and not too stupid) to make the poll by counting people preferences from /. (slashdot)'s thread of more than a thousand posts, I am under impression that many people found Mac OS X productive. A lot of people also say GNU/Linux. Windows is probably the least. This is not surprising result considering nature of /. readers.

For me, I would love to give Mac OS X and GNU/Linux (especially Debian or Debian-based distro) an equal marks as productive working environment, with slightly more points to, surprise, GNU/Linux.


I love OS X and it is, IMO, the best OS we have out there right now. It is very easy to use, very easy to configure, (almost) everything just work, good applications available, many UNIX-apps compiled and run with not much problems on X11 and some even have native aqua port. Xcode is also great (but the editor can be pretty slow when editing large file, with the code-sensing turned on) and Cocoa is really a time-saving when making apps.

However, one problem: Games.

While there are a lot of games on GNU/Linux as well, none of them had really taking my time for work, not as much as Windows games that had been ported to the Mac. So, working in GNU/Linux, while I feel less pleasure, there are less things that can taking my working time away from me, too.

I know it's the matter of controling myself. However, let's put it this way: if there's nothing, then I have to control nothing, I will be just working, too.

Taking games out of equation, however, Mac OS X eats everything else for breakfast.

If you have time, I recommended reading the /. thread. Very entertaining and there are a lot of old-fashion bashings, like some clueless who has been living under the rock in the end of the cave at the bottom of the ocean bashing X11 ;-)