Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ultimate accessory for your iPod: the Mac mini

iPodlounge had reviewd the Mac mini in this article: Apple's Mac mini: the Ultimate iPod Accessory?

The review is quite good, well-written, and thorough, though sometime & somewhere bias toward mac (well, everyone is bias in his way anyway, so this is not a complain). Read the review article first before you continue here.

The idea of picturing the Mac mini as the ultimate iPod accessory is quite an interesting one, and actually is another way we can position the Mac mini in the market: for iPod-Windows users.

To summarize up the review regarding this bit:

  1. iPods on Macs have no problem with driver conflictions, music transfering, programs conflictions, and formatting

  2. New features for the iPod will likely be Mac-first, or Mac-only features, or simply performing much better and/or simpler on the Mac (especially ones that take advantage of the iLife suite; think iPhoto library and iPod photo)

  3. iTunes just works better on Mac. The Windows version is more buggy, consuming more resources, slow (these are my additions to the comment). Parts of this came from Windows' own weaknesses in handling multi-tasks (compared to OS X).

  4. On the Mac, it's not just iTunes but you get the entire iLife package. Nothing comes close to this iLife experience on Windows. Use iPhoto once and you will forget most other photo (or images) management tools.

  5. iLife, again, of course, nothing comes close on the PC.

  6. Mac OS X. Period

Apart from its potential to be a killer home media center (for living room photo-viewing, watching DVDs, and streaming musics to the entire house), potential to tempt Windows-users who already got monitor, keyboard, and mouse and wanting to switch to Mac but don't want to pay extras for these, potential for geek to build his own cluster of his dream, .... and potential to be the vehicle for anything Apple has in its hand .... Mac mini as the ultimate iPod accessories for those Windows-iPod geeks and lovers .... isn't the bad way of positioning it after all (everyone wins; except may be Microsoft).

One word of caution: once you fully get onto OS X, there's almost no going back to Windows (IMHO).