Monday, February 14, 2005

The longest few days

I have to wait for something ..... which I might or might not like the outcome. Nevertheless, it's the good outcome that I want to hear the most, and I cannot cope with doing anything until I know the result. Be it the bad one, my life might be ruined. Now I just want time to pass as fast as it could.

Time is passing 1 second per second. What? No, that doesn't make sense. I can make it feel longer and short. Now, I just feel that every second passing is as long as a minute, or an hour. The sound of clock ticking is proving me otherwise. But that's physical, I still feel it's much longer than usual ...

So what should I possibly be doing until that time come?

Dave, here is you list:

  • RSS reader, now since my favourite RSS reader, NewsFire became a shareware, costing quite a bit for an RSS reader, ~20$, I might want to write one myself. I have never written any XML parser in Cocoa/Objective-C yet (nor I had in any other language) ... so this will take me whiles.

    The problem: I don't feel like coding that much. Also, I could always use NetNewsWire Lite, a freeware version of NetNewsWire (same link). I just like NewsFire more.
  • Cocoa Tutorial (in Thai). Another thing I want to do. I had been writing a book about C++ programming, which I got a bit quite far. Now I'm thinking of writing another one on Cocoa/GNUstep. However, after times, I think I'd better do it in the collection of small tutorials fashion, so I can update them partially, as it's done, to the web (or someone else's web).

    The problem: I don't feel like writing text that much either. Also, there aren't many Mac users out there in Thailand who might want to get their hands on coding. Another thing is: teaching people programming actually remind me a lot ... of something I don't want to during the time-killing tasks.
  • Reading books I bought. Have a lot of books that I haven't finished, or worst, haven't started reading much.

    The problem: No ... nevermind. Can't do it. Can you?
  • Start packing things back to Thailand. Sooner or later I will have to do it anyway.

    The problem: No ... nevermind. Don't feel like doing it right now.
  • What else? .... hmmm let see ... taking sleeping pills and just sleep and let the time pass? hmmm ... make some sense ... travels? no .. probably not, not in that mood at all, besides I hate traveling alone. Reinstall GNU/Linux or FreeBSD on my Dell? No... not this time, had been doing that too frequently. My fingers are used to that and won't kill much time anyway.

So ... conclusion?... hmm .. maybe playing Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic ... but well, nevermind that either. Not in gaming mood.