Monday, February 21, 2005

HotU is actually by the Thais?

Surprising ... Home of the Underdogs (HotU), a museum of old software (mostly games), akin to what Project Gutenberg is to old books, might actually be in Thailand and/or made by Thai people?

I used to visit that website a lot when I was younger (years away in the past, from today). I don't know what made me want to visit it again today, after so long time of not visting. When I entered the site, I found this notice:

The fist line read Here in Thailand we are still trying to cope with ..... Errr.... In Thailand and we? .... are they foreigners living in Thailand? or they are Thai people in Thailand? ... or they are just travelling and happened to be in Thailand on that day?

Well, I might mail them to find out.