Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Apple gains marketshare in Australia

Australian IT said that Apple had gained marketshare in Aus, from 3% to 4.1%.

I know that marketshare doesn't mean much, it's one of many ways to play with raw numbers. However, this nevertheless is a good indication to welcoming Apple back into the game. Now with the incredible Mac mini, with the ever-better Mac OS X ... Apple certainly has potential to take over a much larger market in developed countries. Forget about the developing countries and underdeveloped countries, though. For those, Mac mini would still cost more than the do-it-yourself-from-the-cheapest-possible-parts kind of systems.

However, with the Mac mini costing very little, the iBook doesn't cost much, iMac and PowerBook are pretty attractive and reasonable for their prices, and with Windows PC getting more and more security and stability problems, while OS X getting almost none ... there are less and less reasons to stick with PC and not making a switch to a Mac, unless your work requires it and you absolutely cannot find any alternative on OS X.

Watch out, the jump from 3% to 4.1% in Aus was only the beginning.

By the way ... that jump was BEFORE the introducing of Mac mini and the new speed-bumped (with some new technologies and hardware-spec bumped) PowerBook .... now, NeXT, Watch What Happens! ;-)

[Also, for those who think 3% to 4.1% is little ... let look at the number this way: in the same quarter, the number of Mac units sold in Australia increased by 49.1% ... so, looking only the number of Mac sold, it's 49.1% growth for Apple].