Sunday, January 23, 2005 on Debian Sarge

Felt bad & Had emotional problem again. So, I decided to do something to pull myself back, and installing on the Debian-based systems had been that thing for me last few times I felt like this :-)

After successfully setting system to work with my Ubuntu Warty Warthog (see the relating entry), I thought that I should be killing my time by trying to get it work on Debian Sarge one last time, after my previous attempt failed. I missed Debian Menu so much when I'm using Ubuntu anyway, so I have been stick myself to Sarge when I'm using my Dell laptop.

Since my previous attempt broke more or less my Sarge installation (luckily, I backed up the data I had .. which is not that much), I had to reinstall Sarge again. So I get the older Debian net-installer daily/nightly build (9/25 .. which doesn't exist in that linked page anymore) which I found working fine with my Inspiron 4150, and reinstalled it with the Desktop Environment option in taskselect. OK, as usual, I got the working GNOME and KDE, and a few others, and of course, XFree86 X11 system. Now it's time to change.

So I edited the /etc/apt/sources.list to use packages from Ubuntu Hoary repository, as I did in the previous two entries (this and this), and commented out the rest. Next, I ran the usual

apt-get install xserver-xorg

to install X-server. It installed with no problem, and then the configurator asked me which X-server I would like to use, XFree or, which, of course, I selected (otherwise why installing it?). I had to fix a dependency problem afterward. The xfree86-common refused to get removed. So I had to manually remove it, which is just the matter of performing the usual apt-get remove command

apt-get remove xfree86-common


Now I'm apt-get upgrading the packages using Hoary repository. Will report back the result. Stay tunes!

[UPDATE: Now done with everything. A few dependencies problems, of course. But it's working!] So, what else? FreeBSD?Joking, really ;-) ]