Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Redemption: I'm Back!

In the fashion of Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire)'s dialog in Spiderman 2 ... I really want to scream

I'm Back

Out loud.

I'm back ....
... from all the emotional and feeling surrounded me recently.
... from clouding my eyes and judgement, and by emotion.
... from giving in too much to feeling, not thinking.
... from fears, uncertainties, and doubt.
... from the dark side of myself.

Troubling myself by trying to get X.org working on my Ubuntu Warty Warthog, which turned out fruitless, had the good side effect. It brought something back to me.

It's like I took the red pill, and had open my eyes, back to the person who I used to be.

Yes, this is me. A semi-anti-social computer geek. Cold-blood (sometime) and emotion-less.

Haven't feel like this for such a long time. Welcome back to the real world.

PS. Finished reinstallation of Ubuntu Warty Warthog now. Will upgrade the system using Hoary repository once more. I will get it work this time.