Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New PowerBook - Finally

Just a few hours after I wrote my previous entry: New PowerBook: To Be or Not To Be, Apple had updated the PowerBook G4 line.

In my previous entry, I was talking about the possibility of the PowerBook update, and considered G5 PowerBook, Dual-Core G4 PowerBook, and the speed bump G4 PowerBook. About the update that actually happened, I quote myself:

Else? Hmmm .... Yet-Another-Speed-Bump rumor surfaced before the Macworld Expo. At that time (and still this time), it seems to be the most likely thing to happen, but is surely the least people want it to. After all, 8 months and only 0.17 GHz? You can't kid people like that.

It seems Apple can really kid people. Anyhow, it is nice that the PowerBook line got the update finally.

However, there actually more to this update than yet-another-speed-bump. This new PowerBook sports various new technology: Scrolling Trackpad, Sudden Motion Sensor, Bluetooth 2.0, and DVD+/-R/RW SuperDrive.

Talking about the speed bump, now they are up to 1.67 GHz G4. I don't know how much faster it is comparing to the previous update that topped at 1.5 GHz, eight months ago, and how much faster it is compared to my first aluminum 15" model at 1.25. Does't matter much, I'm not getting a new one.

I see this update, however, as the technology testbed for the next update. We will see all these technology in the next update, too. The next update of the PowerBook, no matter when it comes, will be BIG. Either they crack the way of putting the G5 in or decide that Dual-core G4 is the way to go; it will be BIG either way. So, with Apple's decision of including tomorrow's technology today, the gap of the current PowerBook line and the newer one that could come out at either WWDC or Paris, will be smaller, and make the buyers of this speed-bump update fell less cheated.

Take this: aside from newer chip, and probably newer design, (and a lot of machine architecture that most users don't know'/care about) everything else is the same.

I still really believe that Apple is desperately trying to put G5 into the laptop (the PowerBook, and future iBook) instead of going with the Dual-Core G4, even I myself would want to have the dual-core more. This is because of just one thing I mentioned in the previous entry: Marketting.

Many times I talked to people, many are mac zealots or even non-zealot mac users. They have misunderstand completely about the G5 and 64 bit processing and misunderstand completely the concept of dual-core chips. Also, they will just think that Dual-core G4 is just another G4 with all its current weaknesses (like narrow FSB). I have to tell them "read the spec first please" always.

One more thing to this update: it's cheaper.