Thursday, January 20, 2005

MSN users be ware! New worm is attacking you!

Just today, some of my friends had been trying to send me some *weird* files (with weird name ... and ending with suspecious extension .PIF (Microsoft's Program Information File) ... which is potentially dangerous file, since it can (and usually) store the information to execute some programs to do some certain things.

The more potentially dangerous thing about this PIF file this time is: the extension is close enough to .GIF which is one of the standard format for graphics/image files. This could easily cause many users off guard and accepting the files, and, consequentially, execute it.

More information can be found here (ThaiCERT). The page is in Thai, but I believe you can find the information written in your native (or preferred) language easily.

[UPDATE: I made the English version of the original ThaiCERT article (a quick & dirty work ... translating+writing HTML page done in 10 mins). Check it out.]

The worm's name is W32.Bropia, and effecting any version of Windows. GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, OS/2, BSD, UNIX are safe. Windows users, if you haven't thought of switching to GNU/Linux or Mac OS X, please start your consideration. The world out there is not so safe ;-)