Friday, January 21, 2005

Mac mini photo posted!

I saw it in Steve Jobs' hand during his keynote ... I saw its photo in its official website ... I saw the stories of it everywhere, the Mac mini is obvious one of the hottest topics and gadgets in computing world now. However, I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet, or haven't seen any customer-taken picture of the mini, so I can't really tell how cool it is, in various sense.

Well, good picture worths millions ... and .:UNEASYsilence:. had posted a set of just-arrived Mac mini photos, off the box.

So small, so cool! And when I see the picture of it sitting beside the 4G iPod (or the iPod photo .. they are quite the same size and I can't really distinguish them by look) ... oh my god .. the iPod looks freakingly BIG. Yeah ... let me repeat, freakingly BIG!. Especially when we consider that the Mac mini is a desktop computer and the iPod is the portable digital music player!.

Check out the photos []!