Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mac mini; Less than you think [Really?]

Today's ExtremeTech's article: Mac mini: Less than you think, the author, Loyd Case commented:

So I feel compelled to point out that for $399, you can get a Dell 2400 with a 2.4GHz Celeron, 256MB of RAM, 40GB hard drive, 17-inch CRT and a keyboard and mouse? And that does include Windows XP Home Edition. Gateway has something similar, except it comes with an 80GB hard drive and speakers - although that $399 is a post-$100 rebate price.

Ok, first off, you get a Celeron system. But it doesn't matter, that would be sufficient for most people who just want to browse the net, sending mails, writing letter anyway. However, the "that does include Windows XP Home Edition" bits bugged me.

So, Mr. Case was comparing Windows XP Home with Mac OS X, as they are quite a good caparable systems?

Not a chance, even a single, slightest chance ... for being even close that.

Browsing, e-mailing in Windows had became day-time & working-time nightmare for many people. Some even refused to go online completely. That's Windows, the operating system that get infected in 20 minutes (<-- quite an old news, though .. Aug 2004).

I guess being to use computer without fearing the malware, being to do what they bought a computer to do, worth some price.

"Apple's designs are certainly far easier on the eye than Dell's mini-towers. And the G5 is a great processor… but, oops, the Mac Mini ships with a G4. So let's not get too carried away about the 'cheap' Macintosh. It's cheap relative to past Apple systems, but you can still get a complete Wintel system for considerably less,"

Now, we are getting some point here: Celeron vs. G4? You're kidding me!

If you want to compare the G4 processor, compare it with something else, a mid-end P4 sounds reasonable, a Pentium-M is also reasonable, considered the G4 is still a top dog for Apple's mobile system. Don't forget, it's RISC vs CISC issue, too! (half-kidding & half-joking here).

Now, let's get into the meat of this blog. How are we define the complete computer system?.

We all buy computers to do tasks we want them to do. We all want things that just work, without being annoyed, bothered, and having headache in things we shouldn't. So far, Mac OS X had been that system for me. Nothing beats the experience of sitting in front of the UNIX-box that is really easy to use and beautiful, and everything just works. Quite safe, quite secure.

Also, did I mention iLife? Yeah, Mac mini does come with a copy of iLife. One of the best integrated tools for home system.

Mac OS X + iLife, only this combination should worth something that is invaluable for the Wintel world (because there exists none that is comparable). It's not only about pricing in US$ or JPY or whatever the currency unit you take. It's the user experience, something that is not measurable by any statistical mean nor by any number. It's something you have to use and feel your own feeling.

Of course, Mac OS X and iLife do have their own flaws. Nothing is perfect. But, things do not have to be perfect to be the best. Different people define best differently. The best for me might not be for anyone else.

Anyway, my point is: it's NOT (only) about the price tag, you get it Mr. Case?