Monday, January 17, 2005

Japan: iPod shuffle and iTMS

From's article:

Apple Computer Inc. of the United States hopes to boost its share of Japan's portable digital music player market to 80 pct from around 50 pct now, Vice President Yoshiaki Sakito said Friday.


Expressing a bullish outlook for the product's Japanese debut, Sakito said the Apple group has received more prerelease orders for it in Japan than those placed for the iPod Mini player, which became a blockbuster last year.

Sakito also unveiled a plan to launch the iTunes Music Store online music distribution service in Japan at an early date, saying the group is steadily continuing its preparations.

It would not take 12 months before the Apple group starts the service in Japan, he said.

So, iTMS is coming to Japan, by the time I should be gone from this place already! What a sad story .... :-(

Anyway, looking forward to use it in my second coming. (Gandalf's On the 5th day, at dawn, look East manner ... Well, I will be coming from the Westside of Japan, though ... and it won't take me just 5 days).