Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Destination: India

** First appeared in my tBlog weblog but it's one of a few good recent entries that I'd like to keep here. With bits of modifications. **

India is really on its way of becoming the real power of IT, especially for out-sourcing, as many big companies such as IBM are exporting more and more jobs to India. For example, see:

and the most recent one (today)

The world is getting pretty much smaller now. IT is the present, and future. Especially with one of the newest scientific ideas: Information as a new language of science, or when we look at reality with bits and computational feel.

With offshore outsourcing (or global outsourcing), becoming a really growing option, we can see this thing happening more and more frequence.

India is pretty strong on computer programming and IT, and therefore becoming (it not already) number one in offshore outsourcing for such kind of jobs. Russia is being outsourced for programming and R&D, Philippines for data entry and customer support (have a friend working with a company in Japan, where they do R&D and planning, and all supports are in Manila), and China for programming.

This happens so the country strong in something else, like advancing the technology, could focus more on the R (or R&D) and strategic planning and business.

Where are we (Thailand)?

We need help, a lot. Not only from the outsiders, but the help we need the most is from inside. We need to see the reality and realize (and admit) where we are, find our identity, our strength, and represent it in the fashion the world want to listen, to the world.

I can see a lot of that, but seeing alone would not help. We need to get start, get our hands dirty working on it. We have a fast-moving world to catch. We were left behind in the last scientific and industrial revolution. Now the next revolution is upon us. It's our choice to make: join the revolution now, or being left behind in dust for another century.

No, it's not choice that can be made by government policies, words, idealism, or whatever. Nor it is anyone's choice. It's a choice we have to make together, by action.

If we choose not to join and pretend we can benefit from what the rest of the world is doing, like we are doing nowadays, things will become worse and worse. Look where the front of the world in term of scientific advancement and technology right now, and look back to what we can do. Bangkok has one of the highest traffic in the world, but taking imported cars off the street, we will be left with almost empty street. Taking building built by imported technology out, we almost have a bare land.

That is the world of engineering, the result of the last scientific and industrial revolution.

What we can do with computers and computer networks today are very amazing. There are thousands of undergoing researches to make it become even more amazing and easy to use, and render it more and more indispensable to our lives. I don't want to imagine what we will be able to do with it in the next hundred years.

So, if we are to miss the bus again by not joining the IT revolution now, the next century someone will be saying "taking out all the imported IT, what do we have?". The answer could be even worse than "the bare land" or "empty street" of today. Because you can still building primitive inhabitats and do some basic agriculture (grow corn, rice, have animal farm, etc) on the land, and walk the empty street. I don't know and don't want to give any prediction regarding the future of what IT might eventually become.

We have to do something, we've got to move on, together. Starting from information sharing and knowledge sharing. That is one of the most important thing, you can't do anything without proper information and knowledge.

Together is only way to move forward.