Monday, January 17, 2005

Bits about "Sharing"

Recently, I found many people have misconception about sharing. So I thought I would write a bit about it.

Sharing is basically consists of three aspects: to give and to take. And last but not least, as the consequence, appreciation to both of them.

Giving alone would not make sharing possible. What is the point of giving when no-one is taking it? Taking alone would make it even worse. What to take if there's nothing given?

Appreciation is really important, too. What is the point of giving when no-one appreciates what you're giving, and someone even feel bad when you are giving? Taking need appreciation, too. If you take what you should, taking things that should belong to you with your right, then that should be appreciated by others.

Give what you can give, take only what you should take. Respect the right of people, respect the duty of people, appreciate what people had done for you and will do for you, do not feel bad for that.

Let see if my point is correct: Take P2P file sharing for example. (Talking about P2P file sharing, it's not necessarily means that I'm talking illegal music/movies/programs download. There are a lot of things being shared legally. Images of some GNU/Linux LiveCD, for example).

P2P would not exist if everyone just want to download and not sharing back things they have. You can download things you want, appreciate what the others had shared for you (so you can download it), and share back those files so the others like you who want the file can have it too.

Knowledge sharing works the same. Most things you know, were someone else's discoveries, not your own. People of the past, of the previous generation, had passed and shared their knowledge through us, for us to survive the world better, and for us to pass them it on, to the next generation, to the future.

Get this: one day you will die. This is the hard fact, the real fact, no one lives forever. What's the point of everything you know, if the next group of people who will walk this earth cannot use it to survive to ever-increasing cruelties of the world?

Everyone had taken so much of the others' generosity, and we all appreciate that, thankful for that. What about giving some back? No, the world would not hear your name, it might not be written in any page of history, it might be remembered by none.

But remember the ancient Native American (Indian) proverb,

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it form our children.

Humanity to others.