Saturday, January 29, 2005

5 Minutes with Pages (iWork '05)

Got my copy of iWork '05 today. Unfortunately, a pity that I don't have time to play with it much, gotta finish my thesis. Anyway, I got 5 minutes to play with it while my another machine (Dell) doing some calculation. I pull out some images from my iPhoto library and copy texts from my thesis ... and this is what I have, done in less than 5 minutes... looks really impressive.

Time to remove Microsoft Word from my dock! (I have never really used Word anyway ... I write most of my works, including casual articles in LaTeX, and drafting in TextEdit ... Pages seems to be really fit for writing articles. Have to see though).

If it works .... removing MS Office entirely from my computer isn't a bad thing ;-) [I removed PowerPoint after I got Keynote 1.1, and I don't use Excel. Not a chance for Entourage).